New Parking Facility at Sola Airport

Around half past three in the afternoon on January 7, 2020, a fire broke out in one of the cars in parking garage P4 at Stavanger Airport. The flames originated in an older diesel car and quickly spread.
4. Sep 2023
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The fire burned for 20 minutes before the fire department arrived. The costs incurred as a result of the fire amounted to between 700 and 800 million Norwegian kroner. A total of 400 cars were damaged.


The new parking facility is divided into two fire sections, equipped with a full sprinkler system, and has fire alarms in all parts of the facility. The fire partition wall can withstand a fire for 120 minutes, meeting the strictest requirement for fire resistance in load-bearing systems at 90 minutes.

We at BVS Brannvernsystemer AS are proud to have earned the trust of Veidekke as the contractor for the delivery of our Kotai Fire Sliding Doors.